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Tesserac UXD is a Digital Strategy Consulting Company that works with organizations who want their website to drive business results more effectively.

We are stand out, because we conduct quantitative, qualitative and behavioural user research to assess the problems and challenges that site visitors are running into to discover what the most impactful things we can do to solve their challenges are.

Vanessa Turke - Principal UX Researcher, Digital Strategist & Information Architect

Twelve years of experience have finely honed Vanessa's ability to translate complex business requirements and stacks of user research data into detailed UX, intuitive information architecture, and functional specifications. Vanessa helps organize the content and structure of web applications to make them easier for real people to use. Whether it be designing user experience research studies to learn more about user behavior, designing topic hierarchies based on user’s needs, or creating intuitive navigation and search systems, everything is geared towards optimal user experience.

 Shelley Goetz - UX Researcher & Digital Strategist

Shelley has a diverse background in both finance and visual communications (including marketing, design, and photography). It wasn’t until she worked on web projects of all sizes that she discovered a passion for usability and information architecture. As a project manager, she witnessed first hand the successes of applying best practices in UX design and information strategy to web projects. Shelley’s experience working closely with clients, site users, and developers on parts of the project process—from Solutions Architecture and Discovery to Quality Assurance and launch—allows her to approach her research with a holistic view.

 Andrea Loge - Graphic Designer & Digital Strategist

Blending her education in marketing management (BCIT) and graphic design (Emily Carr, where she graduated with distinction) with her extensive work experience, she will build your brand and take it to new heights. Andrea has a true passion for inspiring others to achieve success in their business ventures. Over the past 15 years, she has founded and developed several small businesses and has been intimately involved in all aspects of branding and strategic management. With professional partnerships ranging from: government, non-profit, gaming, real estate, public health, retail, tourism, and the restaurant industry, Andrea knows how to make your brand succeed.


Leah Paoloni - Junior UX Researcher  


Leah Paoloni, a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a degree in Food and Science, began her career as a sales rep with Kelloggs.  Gaining experience and excelling in sales lead her to the pharmaceutical sales industry, where she worked for Sanofi Canada. Her product knowledge and hard work lead to a promotion to Specialist Pharma Rep in less than a year. Leah has taken a few years to raise her daughter, travel and work with a non-profit organization that she is passionate about. Leah brings that same dedication and passion to her new role as Junior Researcher UX for Tesserac UXD.