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Partnering with design and development agencies has given us the opportunity to work with organizations in ecommerce, education, healthcare, non-profit, and content publishing for a wide variety of online applications (but specializing in Drupal CMS)


“Vanessa's ability to understand user needs and distill complex architecture has made her an invaluable asset on the dozen or so projects I've had the pleasure of working with her on. Our client's can't imagine how we ever got by without her. Her information architecture on a recent e-commerce site nearly quadrupled their conversion rate and reduced their abandoned carts considerably.”

~ Daniel Washbrook, Senior Developer and Founder, Apero Creative Development


“Vanessa and her team at Tesserac UXD have a plethora of experience with usability research. I worked with her on dozens of discovery projects. I’ve borne witness to the depth of her investigation and elegance of her communication skills. These projects touched on several verticals, such as: higher education, high fashion, digital marketing, entertainment, housing, retail, e-commerce, banking, healthcare, government, and audio/video production. Each project has a unique set of requirements, goals, and audience—a fingerprint that requires careful attention to detail—that Tesserac UXD is well equipped to handle and understand. It is truly a refreshing process, shedding light on the most nuanced facets of a user's journey through a website. The Tesserac team is very easy to work with and know how to target points that produce the most value for planning a successful project. Every step of their process is deliberate, premeditated, and calculated. Communication is nothing short of inviting and consistent. Deliverables of documentation, wireframes, workflows, and graphics are all quite clean and informative.”

~ Chad Hester, Senior Solutions Architect, Unleashed Technologies


“My clients often come to me knowing that their website is capable of more, or isn’t solving business needs, but are unsure of exactly what is wrong. The great thing about starting a project with a discovery UX project is that most/all of the needs and issues from visitors and administrators can be compiled down to a report. The client gives feedback and ultimately approves the UX report before we quote on the solution. The next step for us is to give a response to the UX report, which typically is an estimate and scope of work that is based on a vetted report on the users needs. no surprises.”

~ Andrew Mellenger, Lead at Mellenger Interactive Ltd.


“UX work helps mitigate client risk and develops clarity often allowing for an effective reduction of budget and timelines. It’s tremendously helpful to have someone who specializes in Drupal guide clients through a planning phase. It can also funnel expectations fostering an environment of productive open communication that can result in clarifications of scope”

~ Chris Boag, Secret Ninja Headquarters


“The kind of conversations that are part of UX work are pivotal to developing a solid project plan and delivering true value to a project. The process of user experience design can uncover new opportunities for user engagement and contribute directly to the success of an online business”

~ Anne Stefanyk, Founder & CEO of Kanopi Studios


“The UX process assists clients in understanding the value of how their users interact with their site. Throughout the process it is often discovered that more features and scope evolve, and the increase in cost to accommodate the new scope is justified because of this process.”

~ Candace Bates, Senior Project Manager at NorthStudio